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November 1, 2015

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Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Improve Your Health Today Using the Amazing Antioxidant Energy of MegaHydrate™!

What you'll uncover in this article:

What's MegaHydrate™?

MegaHydrate™ is really a effective antioxidant supplement that encourages essential full-body hydration. Dehydrated cells cannot correctly absorb nutrition or eliminate waste. With time this can lead to dietary deficiency, cellular oxidation, along with a harmful develop of harmful toxins. MegaHydrate™ is paramount to unleashing the hidden nutrient improving potential water within your body. It's scientifically examined, safe, and it has no known adverse unwanted effects.

A History of MegaHydrate™

Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Dr. Patrick Flanagan may be the creator of MegaHydrate™. He holds advanced levels in chemistry, nanotechnology, bio-sciences and medicine. He's developed over 300 inventions and it was named Researcher of the season in 1997 through the Worldwide Association for brand new Science. Dr. Flanagan's desire would be to share his breakthroughs using the world with the hope they might be accustomed to improve human existence.

Clustered Cells"I came across adversely ionized hydrogen because the premier biological antioxidant in 1985. It required almost ten years to stabilize the fabric and develop it as being an item. We've released multiple papers in peer review journals on H- (negative hydrogen) and it is effects in living cell cultures."

"In bio-chemistry, there's the antioxidant cascade. All formerly known anti-oxidants become toxins once they reduce the effects of toxins. The resulting toxins aren't as dangerous as individuals which were neutralized. For instance, ascorbic acid (ascorbic acidity) becomes dehydro-ascorbic acidity (it's lost its hydrogen). The dehydro-ascorbic acidity should be removed through the body. This is correct of anti-oxidants aside from H- or active hydrogen. When H- neutralizes a toxin, pure water may be the result."

"The exciting factor about H- ions is they can re-store and re-cycle other radical scavengers. That's, it may restore Ascorbic Acid in your body again and again again to ensure that it doesn't need to be removed like a contaminant. It really works with all of other know anti-oxidants in the same manner. It's the king of anti-oxidants due to this. It's the only toxin fighter that's like this.Inch

-Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Do you know the 5 Best Reasons You'll Need MegaHydrate™?

  1. It's the most effective antioxidant available helping reduce the effects of dangerous toxins.
  2. Encourages wind turbine and metabolic activity.
  3. Sufficient hydration supports stamina, memory, and mental skill.
  4. Supports ale cells to make use of nutrition.
  5. Supplies a front-line defense from the results of aging.


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