Green tea high in antioxidants

November 22, 2015

The Power of Matcha Green Tea

“We wanted to check out the active compounds in keeping eco-friendly tea items and give people a much better feeling of what they’re really getting with every, ” states Tod Cooperman, MD, leader of “Our tests says these items had different levels of potency, and a few fell short on their own antioxidant claims altogether.”

Scientists examined 24 different items for strength and wholesomeness, evaluating each product’s degree of EGCG, the dominant antioxidant in eco-friendly tea that’s linked with the amount of health perks. “For the brewable teas, EGCG amounts ranged from 25 mg per serving to 86 mg per serving per product, making a large improvement in just how much you need to drink to obtain individuals benefits, ” states Cooperman.

Each product seemed to be examined for lead exposure (a typical contaminant in botanical supplements), and scientists found traces in most of the products’ leaves. “Green tea leaves are recognized to be sponges for lead, and our research confirmed different amounts within the made material, ” states Cooperman. “However, the tea itself contained hardly any, meaning much was strained in the brewing process and then any remaining levels pose no health threat.” So that’s great news, however it still enables you to think.

The moral here is when you’re getting your eco-friendly tea on (and you ought to!), you need to make certain the type you choose is supporting its finish from the bargain. Of all of the items examined, Cooperman suggests a couple of that’ll provide you with more health-improving value for your money:

Lipton Eco-friendly TeaIf you’re drinking on a tight budget, this select from Lipton ought to be your go-to. With 71 mg of EGCG per every-cup serving, this tea boasts among the greatest quantity of a brewable types tested—and at approximately $4 for 40 tea bags, it is also the very best value. Scientists also noted that you will find more leaves packed into every individual bag, so you're really getting a lot of nutrients for the cash.Meal: 1 teabag EGCG content: 71 mg Cost: About $.10 

Harney &lifier Sons Organic Eco-friendlyThis is among the better choices for iced eco-friendly tea fans. There are just about 50 % the ECGC as a few of the made types (46.8 mg per 8-ounce serving), but has way less sugar than the majority of the other types within the fridge aisle. Plus, each 16-ounce bottle just 40 calories, so that you can drink the entire factor for as many as 93.6 mg ECGC without risking your waistline. A few of the other canned types had greater than three occasions the cals—yikes.Meal: 8 oz . (two portions per bottle) EGCG content: 46.8 mg Cost: About $1 Calories: 20


SciFinder - Green Tea, Antioxidants in a Cup
SciFinder - Green Tea, Antioxidants in a Cup
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Green Tea Antioxidant and Acai Berry Juice Super Drink
Antioxidants in Green Tea Increase Life Expectancy!
Antioxidants in Green Tea Increase Life Expectancy!

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