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August 17, 2015

If you work out

Leadership Conferences are held two times annually and therefore are an very important tool for building your company. Additionally to new information and world-class loudspeakers, you've got the chance to network and communicate with 1000's of effective Juice Plus+ Reps. Register here:

Future Conference Dates

2015 201 2017

Nashville, TN March. 15-17

Phoenix, AZ March 17-19

St. Louis, MO March. 20-22

Anaheim, CA April 20-22

Indiana, IN March. 19-21

What is the Large Deal? It is just the "JP+ Superbowl"!

We have been with this particular company since 1990, we have used and labored with Juice Plus+ for it's entire existence (since 1993), and weve been National Marketing Company directors since 1995.

For the reason that time we have never skipped just one Leadership Conference, even in early years whenever we were not thriving in the industry, so when the price of attending the Conference far exceeded what we should produced from our business that month.

Yes, it takes a good investment and sacrifice (on your part and possibly by other family people), but ... IT ... IS ... WORTH ... IT!

The advantages of the Juice Plus+ Leadership Conference are numerous and priceless (including Fun and Fellowship at an advanced), but you will find four major, potentially existence-altering good reasons to attend: Vision, Motivation, Inspiration, and Growth.

1. Vision: you learn that you're a part of something very large, something very useful = the Large Picture.

* Juice Plus+ includes a mission unlike every other: "Inspiring A Healthier Lifestyle All over the worldInch.

* Juice Plus+ is really a product unlike every other, with unequalled clinical research and 18+ many years of success.

* Juice Plus+ is really a business unlike every other: the very best of 4 different business models without the disadvantages.

* Juice Plus+ is really a group of people unlike every other: caring, devoted, motivated, enthusiastic about our mission.

2. Motivation: whenever you 'get' the Large Picture, you uncover your behalf for the reason that Large Picture = your Why.

* Motivation is a result of understanding clearly why we all do what we should do.

3. Inspiration: equipped with your Why, you learn to communicate that Why to other people.

* People may wish to participate that which you do, once they understand and therefore are inspired by the reason why you do that which you do.

4. Growth: with Vision, Motivation, Inspiration your growth speeds up: your company develops since you grow.

* You grow in belief, in confidence, in vision, in motivation, in inspiration, in understanding, in competence, in excellence.

Over 21 years within this business we and business have ongoing to develop due to our dedication to attend conference, to purchase our ongoing personal, professional and team growth. This can be a business of duplication - people is going to do that which you do. So lead by example and become there!

Source: www.teamjp.net

Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise
Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise
Juice Plus+ introduced by Suzy Walgate
Juice Plus+ introduced by Suzy Walgate
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