Juice Plus+: pros and cons

August 9, 2016

Juice Plus+ pros and cons

Millions of dollar industry in the usa, it's as numerous fans as detractors. A juice cleanse or juice fasting involves restricting your diet plan to fresh fruit and vegetable juices plus water for any couple of days to some couple of days. Claims vary from significant weight reduction, better looking skin, bolstered immunity, body detoxing, and cancer prevention. What in the event you know before undertaking a juice cleanse?

The quantity of information and varied opinions online is enormous! I waded through a variety of it to distill this publish lower with a simple tips. Several suggested content is listed in the finish, and I know you'll find a lot more (but always think about the source).


1. If you are cleansing or fasting with juice, you’ll most likely slim down. But you will be losing mostly water. A decrease in bloatedness is well-known advantage of juicing. (see Disadvantage #5)

2. Should you a juice cleanse (shorter is preferred, i.e. 4 days or fewer) and find out it through, odds are you’ll feel happy in the finish from it. You’ll possess a real feeling of accomplishment, and you’ll review your regular diet with fresh eyes.

3. By investing a couple of days consuming only fruits and veggies, you're staying away from packaged meals which have solid fats and added sugar. For those who have a powerful practice of making unhealthy food options, a short juice cleanse will let you break them.

4. Should you diet rarely includes fruits and vegetable, juicing is a straightforward method to improve your daily intake. Bear in mind when you’re really missing within this department, replacing one glass of juice for any meal every day, will significantly boost the standard of the diet.

5. Again, if you are not keen on eco-friendly side from the food pyramid, juicing might help re-train your tastebuds to savor fruits and veggies.

6. A lot of us achieve for carbohydrates, sweets, chips or alcohol when we’re bored, sad, lonely or anxious. These meals are off-limits on the juice cleanse. So the entire process of undertaking another diet, briefly, can keep you in touch together with your body and it is automatic habits.


1. The NHS recommend a weight loss rate of 1-2lb a week. This is thought to allow weight that comes off to stay off. However, some reports via social media indicate much faster rates when following the Juice PLUS+ diet. Large amounts of weight loss over a short period of time have been linked to health problems such as gallstones and malnutrition.

2. In a modern world where food has become a social event, it maybe difficult to follow any meal replacement type diet when eating out or with company.

3. Each Juice PLUS+ bar or shake costs between £1.40-£2.20 . Over a week this = £19.60- £30.80 (plus the milk you would need to make the shakes and the other food you need to buy for your healthy meal each day).

4. The Juice PLUS+ shakes are around 220kcals each. Which is extremely low if you consider the average women needs around 2000kcals a day, and the average man needing around 2500kcals a day. Even with the recommended 500kcal reduction/day to allow for weight loss, only having 440kcals by the time you get home from work, may leave you extremely hungry in the day leading to dizzyness, food cravings, binge eating and a reduction in concentration.

5. Juice PLUS+ recommend that you continue to replace one meal a day with one of their shakes or bars in order to maintain your new weight. Therefore you are never off the ‘diet’ as such.

6. The nutritional needs of an individual are highly specific to that person. They vary depending on age, sex, exercise levels and other health conditions. However, the Juice PLUS+ diet is a one size fits all approach, meaning that some people following the diet may be at risk of malnutrition or having in excess of their nutritional requirements.

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