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October 2, 2015

Clinical Research

  • To avoid and treat cancer
    No scientific evidence supports this use.
  • To avoid and manage cardiovascular disease
    Small studies demonstrated mixed results. Well-designed clinical tests are essential.
  • To lessen cold signs and symptoms
    One study implies that taking capsules composed of the juice powder concentrate of fruits and veggies can help to eliminate common cold signs and symptoms and duration.

You're going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy: Supplements with antioxidant qualities may decrease the potency of these remedies.

Some patients reported intestinal distress and hive-like rash in studies.

For Health care Professionals

Juice Plus (JP) is really a formulation produced from a number of fruits and veggies and consists of additional vitamins. It's promoted to enhance diet in line with the notion that people don't consume enough fruits and veggies. Studies on bioavailability claim that use of JP can increase serum amounts of alpha-carotene, ascorbic acid, and folate but studies along with other markers, for example lutein and alpha-tocopherol produced mixed results. JP was similar to standard ascorbic acid and E supplements however it remains unclear if the method is nutritionally better than fresh produce. JP was proven to lower plasma homocysteine levels, a danger factor for coronary disease , however the outcome was not reproducible . Studies on cardiovascular effects, for example alterations in bloodstream pressure and levels of cholesterol are not yet proven . JP consumption is believed to lessen oxidative stress and DNA damage , and it has been connected with a decrease in the signs and symptoms of common cold .

Intestinal distress and hive-like rash happen to be connected with consumption of JP in clinical tests.

While there's ongoing research using JP in cancer patients, it is not shown to prevent or treat cancer. Because of its antioxidant effects, JP may hinder those things of some chemotherapy drugs. Cancer patients should discuss using supplements using their doctors. JP isn't a replacement for fruits and veggies.

Source: www.mskcc.org

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