Juice Plus Shakes Reviews

February 17, 2016

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Juice Plus Complete is available in at 51 cents per shake, that is undoubtedly the cheapest cost we've observed in this category. This falls well into our full points cost range and it is very economical. Should you consider the proven fact that this shake should really replace meals, this cost is incredible. Where else will you look for a meal for 50 cents?

Core Diet

Initially, the main diet of the shake looks pretty decent. Once we dug in though we did have some difficulties. You receive 13 grams of protein per serving, nevertheless it does have a couple of causes of incomplete protein which makes it rather less desirable. There is also 20 grams of carbohydrates in every shake with 8 of these being from fiber. We loved the fiber content but we weren’t impressed whenever we discovered that each serving also consists of 10 grams of sugars. This can be a little full of our book so we required a bit more business score due to it. Lastly they stored the fats low arriving at just half a gram per serving.

Supplemental Diet

I was not impressed whatsoever within this category. These shakes are meant to assist you to replace a complete meal and Juice Plus Complete doesn’t quite enable you to get there. You need to do get an excellent source of 9 different minerals and vitamins however this falls way lacking a few of the other shakes we've examined. Most meal alternative shakes provide you with a mix as high as 24 minerals and vitamins. Once more, this will make this shake under well suited for changing a complete meal.


I was impressed with how good this shake filled us up and just how lengthy it stored us full. This really is most likely because of our prime fiber content. We search for shakes that may stop us full for just two-3 hrs to be able to get full points within this category and that one was almost there. It did leave us just a little short though and wasn’t as strong as a few of the shakes we've attempted which contain patented hunger blockers.

Source: proteinshakereviews.com

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