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Gain Muscle With Reggie Bush Workout

This article will detail the Reggie Bush workout that was used to help Reggie overcome his injuries and return to electrifying form. When Reggie was at the University of Southern California he was the best player in the country in 2005 and earned the Heisman trophy. Despite looking like he was built from steel and already being in phenomenal shape, there was some concern that he lacked the size to cut it with the pros. Regardless of the doubt he was labeled a ‘franchise player’. How did the Reggie Bush workout program change in the pros?

After a stellar rookie season that saw him lead the New Orleans Saints to within one game of the super bowl, Reggie’s second season was quite less dramatic. Hampered in 2007 by a posterior cruciate ligament knee injury, his performance and thus the Saint’s performance suffered. Reggie had to recover and regroup. So he went back to the weight room to throw some serious iron around and rebuild his body. The Reggie Bush workout included some interesting things such as prehab resistance exercises and ‘fre flo do’, which has to be seen to be believed.

The Reggie Bush workout is built upon explosive compound movements. The hardcore exercises squats, bench press, over head press, chin ups and rows. But a technique called prehab is an interesting aspect of the Reggie Bush workout. Prehab is almost like a more challenging warm up, to prepare Reggies upper body muscles for the real explosive work. In the prehab Reggie Bush workout a row, press and rear shoulder work will all be performed with light resistance bands before the heavy work. A common injury area for football players is the rear shoulder.

A very interesting part of the Reggie Bush workout is called Fre Flo Do. The brain child behind it is fitness expert Kappel LeRoy Clarke and it combines eastern philosophy with physical activity. Football is an extremely dynamic sport, with split second decisions and quick reaction time being needed. Training for this can be very hard. Fre Flo Do attempts to do this and hone the skills needed to be quick on your feet. The launch pad is used extensively in the Fre Flo Do part of the Reggie Bush workout. The launch pad is a treadmill without rails.

The Reggie Bush workout uses the launch pad as part of this weird approach to training with reaction tasks and drills. Fre Flo Do encourages you to keep the weight on the balls of your feet so you are lighter on your feet and quicker. Drills may include jumping over objects like littler hurdles and bats that the trainer swings at you.

The above article gives you some insight into the Reggie Bush workout. This workout definitely has some interesting things going for it, but is it going to work for everyone? I think there are better workouts for the masses and non-professional athletes. Lots of new innovative ways to efficiently train and diet have been found lately. From smarter resistance training, to intense cardio and manipulating feeding times with diet this could be a more suitable approach for everyone.

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